• There are approximately 78.2 million owned dogs in the United States
  • Thirty-nine percent of U.S. households own at least one dog
  • Twenty-eight percent of owners own two dogs


  • People spend on their furry children with the same zeal and love for real children.  Many people are starting families later or choosing not to have children at all, opting to have dogs .  Affluence and the longing for companionship has made the pet industry grow exponentially in the last decade.  This is growing  group of puppy parents have money to spend. This is evident in the Dog Bakeries, Doggie Boutiques and Luxury Pet hotels and Spas.  In 2010 pet owners spent approximately  $18.28 billion  on food and $11.01 billion on pet services (grooming, pet sitting, boarding, etc.).   
  • This makes for a lucrative marketing prospect for any product or service and big companies know it. Have you noticed that everything from cars to toilet paper is marketed to mainstream families with an adorable dog? I have noticed this more lately in car commercials, nothing sells a car like dogs at the beach, don’t you think?  One of the most popular ads in the Super Bowl this year was the Bud Light ad with the adorable mutt that could bring beer on command.    
  • What is the job of a commercial? To make you remember the product? To want the product? To buy the product? Most advertisers will say all of the above and who’s to say that a lovable, furry dog can’t do all those things…..Advertising has gone to the Dogs!


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