By SAABIRA CHAUDHURI (follow FINS on Facebook and RSS)

A job selling securities or commodities at an investment and trading firm is the best-paying sales position in the U.S., earning you an average of $98,810 a year.

Cashier jobs pay the worst at $20,230 a year, according to Forbes, which pulled sales-specific data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates.

New York and Connecticut are the best states to sell securities or commodities at such firms: These salespeople earn $135,700 a year on average in New York and $159,950 a year in Connecticut. New York also offers the highest employment level for securities and commodities salespeople.

Washington is the highest paying state for cashiers, who earn an average full-time salary of $25,350 a year. That translates into $12.19 an hour versus $9.73 on average across all states.

Retail salespeople are the second lowest-paid sales occupation, while sales engineers are the second highest. On average, people in jobs belonging to the “Sales and Related Occupations” group earn $37,520 a year, or $18.04 an hour.

Sales expert Tim Wackel told Forbes that low-paying sales jobs tend to be more transactional, low risk, low value and sell a product, while higher paying jobs sell a solution, require more knowledge, and are riskier and more consultative.


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