My own thoughts and observations:

As someone who has worked in advertising and marketing for over 20 years and has been surrounded by it since birth (my father was in television broadcasting) I am always interested in how things evolve. For example how information and entertainment is consumed.  Radio, Radio+8 track, Radio+8track+cassettes, Radio+cassettes, Radio+cassettes+cd’s, Radio+cassettes+cd’s+ipod’s, Radio+cd’s+ipods+satalite…there is always an evelution in technology and habits.  The one thing that remained the same and consistent throughout is RADIO. It seems that all the “paid” ways to get your favorite music continue to fade away and evolve. What a waste, if I think of how much money I have spent on cassettes, cd’s, ipods and the songs on them..yikes! And in the end we all come back to Radio, we should never leave in the first place. Dont get me wrong, having options and choice is the “American Way”. And society will always crave the newest “thing”, lucky for us..RADIO is like the family dog.  Radio will be waiting for us to return home, again…faithful, appreciative..and very happy to see us!


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