I read a quote recently that has stuck with me.  

“Lack of appreciation erodes loyalty”

This really stood out to me because I am a fiercely loyal person. I am loyal to my company, my clients, my family , my friends and boyfriend.  I know I want to work harder for those who appreciate me. 

Today loyalty isn’t appreciated as it was in years gone by. Our parents could tell us about company picnics with families included, a gold watch after 20 years and so on. There doesn’t seem to be the desire or need for loyalty anymore.  People and product are disposable and interchangeable. Convenient but sad. Cost saving but at what cost. 

I give my clients 110% and when that is noticed and appreciated, I want to even harder for them.   I have known and have worked with John for years. He’s a creative and hard working man, a great client and friend. His token of appreciation means the world to me. #grateful #thankful #loyalforever 



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