Has keeping up with social posting for your business become overwhelming? You are not alone.  I think most people are excited about setting up new channels and in the beginning the ideas are flowing-then you realize you have to communicate with customers on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and more. You want each post to be clear, clever, engaging and to have a purpose.  Sometimes with so much to post, oh and yea you have to run your business….it can feel like a fire hose at your face.

Are you posting and connecting on all social channels for your brand and business? This can seem overwhelming. Here are some great hints.

Here is a social media site that I find great information:


There are several great programs you can use to help streamline your social engagement.  If your message or offer will be applicable to all your social channels, these tools are a time saver.

I believe creating organic content for each channel is still best.  You need to remember how people consume each of these channels.  Pinterest- you will want to have a great picture and for Twitter- a catchy short hand of the topic or offer.  When the message can easily translate try some of these tools.

Hint: All business social needs to stay on brand. Save the vulgar, the cat video’s or rants for your personal channels.

Hint: For timeless information you can recycle content. This is a big time saver. That is why taking the time to create really good content the first time is worth it.  If your business shares the same tips seasonally about lawn care, exercising your pet or whatever your business may do.  You can freshen up or repost last years or last quarters content. YAY!

Happy Posting!


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