Want to know the easiest thing you can do to make your whole life easier?


At work:

Provide key players inside and outside your organization the necessary updates.  If there is no update and they haven’t heard from you in awhile, reach out to let them know that. ” nothing new to report at this time, I am still in contact/working with etc”  In an age of instant communication, days feel like years,  to a client or waiting team mate.  Let people know what is going on.


At home:

It would be lovely to have every need met, telepathically by our friends and mates..but let’s be real..it ain’t going to happen.  If you need something- ask.  If you want something- ask. People are in your world for a reason, let them know what is happening with you.


In the world:

In a store or on the roads, let people know what you need or are doing.  Crashing and growling through life is no way to live.  A simple: please, may I, can you help me- will open the magic doors of kindness from people. You can get where you need to in life by brute force but it is better in the long run to do it with kindness.