Here it is, 2017, another trip around the sun.  This post has been hard to develop in my mind for some reason.  I am SUPER excited to have a new website.  I have been wanting that for along time, I hope you like the new layout.  But the past few weeks i have been thinking about what I wanted to say for the “new year post” and it was not coming to me like I expected.  When I work with my clients, team, or meet new people, I always get ideas.  I want to share good information and be upbeat. But lately I have been frustrated by how 2016 ended up and focused on developing a new strategy for 2017.

I guess, since this is a personal website, its ok to be real.  Right?

Here’s what wasn’t great in 2016 and the 2017 re-set:

  1. My product suffered- and because I believe in it so strongly I suffered with it.
    1. New 2017 plan- identify what is in my control and be honest about it.  Cut losses and move forward faster.
  2. Negativity and other people’s needs were dangerously distracting-I have paid the price.
    1. New 2017 plan-me and my family first.  Extract yourself from negative people, power hungry-game players and complaining.
  3. Lost relationships with clients-it is frustrating to know you have a quality product and not be chosen. I put so much time and care into each clients campaign, needs and goals-that when they walk away- the hole is huge.
    1. New 2017 plan- have more clients, and different types of clients to better weather erosion.

While these are very personal to me, they are universal for many businesses and  entrepreneurs.  There are good years and bad years, the key is to learn from it and adjust for the next round.

Ding-its the next round

Let’s go 2017!