For some of you that have been following me over the years, you know that  I have written about the changing look and function of social media.  We are now in an age, where you can purchase things directly from a business you know from social media or from an social influencer who is promoting a product or business.

I am the type of person who likes to try things, so over the last year I have been buying things off social media trying out the different experiences.

Here are some examples and my experience:

I have gotten into Yoga in the last couple years to help with a bad back.  I am now hooked, therefore I follow a TON of social media yoga people.  Many are now what is called a Social Influencer.  A social influencer is someone who has become very popular for whatever they do: sport, fashion, humor and have gathered a very large social following.  In the beginning companies only wanted to hire influencers with the BIG NUMBERS, but now it is more about engagement. Brands are more interested in knowing the fans will comment, purchase and share the content.


I found Bananablonde108 on Instagram and started following her.  I also follow her on You Tube and Snap Chat.  She is extremely talented and funny sarcastic.  She is someone I would hang out with.  So I connected with her, followed her for months.  In her posts she promotes Noli yoga wear.  She wears other brands but mostly Noli.  Then one day she put up a discount code for her followers.  ANDDDDD down the rabbit hole I went.  I followed Noli, bought the yoga pants (I have purchased others after the first pair).  The quality is excellent.  I love the patterns, they stay up, they are breathable (good for hot yoga) and the patterns stay true.  Some pants only look cute when they are laying flat and lose the cuteness when they are stretched across your bum.

I continue to follow her.

Another Social Influencer and Celebrity I follow is Kim Zolciak Biermann.  I have enjoying watching her on TV since the Real Housewives of Atlanta days.  I think I like her because she is from New England.  She has made some tough choices in life and continues to excel and create a positive and very successful life for herself and her family. I admire the life she has created and she’s a real no bs type of person.   With over 2.4 million followers on Instagram alone, she is a very powerful Social Influencer. She promotes a few products, the 310 shakes, her own line of beauty products, Kashmere Kollection, and more, but the one that got me was- Express Smile Atlanta.  Both Kim and her daughter Brielle promote this company and product.  And they both have beautiful white smiles.  I drink a lot of Diet Coke, so from time to time I like to whiten my teeth.  Not a lot but just enough to keep them fresh and pretty.  So I waited for an offer code from Kim or Brielle (cant remember which one actually).  Boom. Another purchase.  This one was off Snap Chat.  When you follow a Social Influencer they will sometimes post discount codes on different platforms, it pays to monitor all accounts.


I continue to follow her on all social channels.

I could honestly go on and on of the things I have purchased off social media. But I will end with one more, from the Social Media master himself Gary Vaynerchuk.  I started following him a year and half ago/give or take some.  I am now a groupie.  I have purchased his books from his social posts/asks.  I have purchased Audio books and most recently his new line of Gary gear.  I am not sure that is what he calls it, that is what I refer to it as.

Gary is extremely active on all social channels, because that is his world and business. In the last year,  I have watched him through the Social lens become an influencer in his own class.  He cant walk on the street anymore with out people stopping him, he has huge crowds to hear him speak and he is just plain SMART.  A lot of the things he says resonates with me, they are similar to things I have said and do in my career.  So when he asked me (not in person but through social media, and I feel like we actually know each other now) to buy his new book- I did.  And when he asked me to follow some random person- I did. And when he started his line of Gary gear- I shopped!

I continue to follow Gary on all social channels and I subscribe to his You Tube Channel. You should too.

Now why does this matter at all to you?  Who cares Alison, so you like yoga, bad reality tv and business books- big deal.  Well, while all of that is true.  These are examples from my slice of the world.  I try to share a real world perspective with you, business owners,  so you will consider new things and ideas.  These are actual people from social media that I don’t know but they built a relationship with me and I spent money with them and through them.

Here is what I want you to think about:

Could you be selling things from your store through social media? Start small, Friday’s Fab Find- feature something cool every Friday, offer a discount to followers.  See how it goes.

Could your business brand grow by hiring a social brand ambassador.  Someone who would talk, share and experience your brand to their audience. That organic sharing will increase your social exposure and ultimately sales. Do you sell uniforms to local town sports teams? Could a high school senior with over 100k+ friends on Instagram be your local social ambassador?

Do you have enough social following to become a Social Influencer? If so are you connecting with brands you love to get product or get paid? Just be realistic with your ask and what brands you are comfortable aligning yourself with.


This evolution is not over, it changes everyday.  I will continue to share my trial and error experience, ideas and humor.