In our “time starved”, “i’m sooooo busy”, ” I have soooooo much to do”,  ” being over scheduled equals a badge of honor world”- it only takes a second to get it right the first time.

Have you ever heard the old saying, measure twice and cut once? Right! Because once you cut you cant “un cut”.

I received an email last week from “a senior recruiter”, which is always flattering, because it’s nice to know that your good name and work is known.  However, this particular “senior recruiter” could barely write, the way this email was written I wondered if they were drunk. The second concerning thing about the email I received was the position she said I was perfectly suited for was basically an internal support role.  I wondered to myself, what exactly about my 25 years of outside sales and management experience lead her to believe that.  OH wait- she didn’t even look. My LinkedIn profile must have some key word that their algorithm picked up.

And that my friends is the problem.  If you take the time to measure twice and cut once you get much better results.  I now have an unflattering opinion about that company and its staff.  Who knows, they are in my field, they could have had a position for me that I would thrive at…but the world will never know. After thinking about that from one tiny email, I got thinking about the emails I have sent to clients and prospective clients.  I pride myself on taking great care, but I could be better.  We all could be better.

Take a “Second Business Tips:

  1. Double and triple check the spelling of a business contacts name you are trying to reach or are communicating with via email- get their title right too!
  2. Do your research, with the internet you can find out GOBS of information in just minutes. Make sure your message is customized, relevant and offers something like a solution, needed service, opportunity or better price.
  3.  Proof read your work before hitting send, as in the example above- do I sound drunk? Am I using full sentences to sound like a professional, WOULD I RETURN THIS EMAIL IF I GOT IT?


It’s your business, your company, your life and reputation- Take a second…would ya!