What is it about this time of year that makes people reflect on what they accomplished or did not accomplish. The theme that always comes back up for me is consistency.

What does that even mean..and why am I feeling bad because of it????

Consistency means:
conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.
“the grading system is to be streamlined to ensure greater consistency”
synonyms: uniformity, constancy, regularity, evenness, steadiness, stability, equilibrium; dependability, reliability
“the trend shows a degree of consistency”

Here is what I like about the definition: words like, steadiness, stability, dependability and reliability. Because those are words I find flattering when people refer to my work. Alison dependable. But you know what- its o.k. that I am not “uniform” and “regular” because that means I am always changing with the times. And the times of media, marketing and life are changing A LOT in 2017.

I do apologize for not posting in a “uniform” manner this year. I had some technical issues with my site. That was my “excuse”, well it’s broken- I can’t do it. But thanks to Chris Harrington I am back on line, with a newly polished and more functional site.

Thank you Chris Harrington!
I can recommend his services for any web design, management, personal or commercial.

I am happy to be back online. While I still don’t know if I can promise consistency of postings, I can promise consistency in care, effort and desire to do so. So as we head into Thanksgiving, be thankful for what you did accomplish this year and let’s all try to be less critical about what we didn’t get done. There is always next year and those 2018 resolutions.