Happy New Year friends. As a life long observer of life and all its interests I have been noticing new wave of culture called “Tribe”. Find your Tribe, support your Tribe, create your own Tribe….

OK, so I am not a Native American Indian, do I actually need a Tribe?

Does this apply to business life or only personal life?

My trusted resource #wikipedia has many definitions of Tribe, most of which refer to “olden days” and a “self sufficient lifestyle on the land” and what not. While that may be true in some ways, I like this more modern view point from Wikipedia:

“Many people used the term “tribal society” to refer to societies organized largely on the basis of social, especially familial, descent groups (see clan and kinship). A customary tribe in these terms is a face-to-face community, relatively bound by kinship relations, reciprocal exchange, and strong ties to place.[3]

That feels appropriate for me, for today’s society. A definition that could be applied to business and personal.

I have a tribe for work- people who help me take the very best care of my clients.
I have a tribe of clients- while you can’t pick and love each and every one of your business contacts, I am very fortunate to have been working with many of my clients for years and they are more “tribe” than business associate.
I have a tribe for health and fitness, a studio I enjoy working out at, and a nutritionist who has helped me in many ways, plus other like minded friends who care about their health. For mind, body, nutrition needs in the Boston area please visit. shantinutrition.com https://shantinutrition.com/
I have a family tribe, which includes both blood family:my parents, cousins etc but also my closest friends. Those, whom you treat like family and have (hopefully) carefully selected to be in your inner circle aka tribe.

At a time of year for new resolutions, new commitments and setting new goals, think about your tribe. People are the critical element to everything, especially in business. Honor your Tribe, edit your Tribe as necessary and be grateful for them because, when chosen wisely they WILL help you have the best year possible.

Happy New Year from me and my Tribe

Photo image credit to @shantinutrition