It smells like snow today…


Happy New Year. 2019 is starting off awesome here in Boston. We have our first winter storm coming this weekend, I am thinking about the marketing opportunities that mother nature brings to me and my clients.

My plow dealer clients are excited and we are increasing their exposure to capture the repair business that will certainly follow a wet heavy snow storm. I walked next store to make a salad for lunch and the store was super busy. People are stocking up on the basics like milk and bread but also chicken wings, pizza and guacamole. Not only is this weekend our first big storm but it is also a very important game for New England Patriots fans- The storm may slow people down on their Pats party prep, so they are stocking up today.

Local hardware stores have been reporting about selling salt and snow shovels. Landscape companies are taking desperate, last minute calls from homeowners that are not ready for the storm.

Mother Nature has created weather related income for several different types of businesses today: Landscapers, Hardware stores, Grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores (they do very well), home improvement stores, Red box rentals, wood/oil/pellet delivery, and many more. If your business can benefit by weather, I hope you are making it known to your customers.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…