Yay for Commercials


So there was a pretty big football game, that the New England Patriots won- being here in Boston it was a pretty exciting week. Another Super Bowl win (6 rings- just say’n), we had a Patriots rolling rally with record attendance. New Englanders love their teams and they always show up to support them.

But this game, is one of the rare times when people are EXCITED about commercials. People wait to see the multi million dollar ad budgets in action. In fact this year was the 3rd highest in history, advertisers spent $382 million on Super Bowl ads. The top spender was Anheuser Busch In Ben at an estimated 59 million, creative plus buting 5 minutes and 45. seconds of air time. ( source inside radio)

The goal of each ad can be different: solidify and showcase the image of a brand like Budweiser, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrKBdY2x7_U

or show some star power like Pepsi did in the soda wars http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sYElEbRzKA

There were lots of great ads- what were your favorites this year?

Professional Photo credit to @keithkatsoulis @naxospix