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How will your business attract this next generation of flexible workers. Over the past decade, we have seen emergence of businesses working out of peoples living rooms and in their phones. One of the largest groups that are growing is multilevel marketing: like Beach Body, Advocare or going way back to Avon makeup. And today many professionals, in varied fields like: medical companies, tech companies, etc are not requiring reps to come in to an office. This new work from home generation can have a professional job and a side hustle as a passion project to help acquire more wealth in their downtime.

I am watching friends in their 20’s build wealth, working their schedule around their life not the other way around. This is a new paradigm and with each new change brings opportunity and the need for businesses rethink some of the ways they attract new customers.

There is a part of this new generation, that is working from home, setting their own schedules. Working how they need to, earning more and do not have some of the traditional work habits. Traditional work habit: drive to work everyday. Modern work habit: arrange your day to best suit family needs, personal needs and energy levels. Traditional work habit: listens to radio ( hears commercials) and mingles with co workers learning about new businesses and products from word of mouth radio. Modern work habit: limited exposure beyond what they initiate. Traditional work habit: heavily influenced by work culture for clothing, meals, fitness trends etc. Modern work habit: learns from family, social groups and online.

How will businesses reach this new generation? Re-emergence of Direct Mail – advertising coming to the home. Companies geofencing neighborhoods to strategically place their advertising into the work from home generation social feeds. Traditional advertising like television and radio will continue to be popular, because these individuals will have the time to watch and listen and some may use it as interaction or social contact.

Each year, there are new ideas, opportunities and patterns. Be open to trying both traditional and non traditional methods to marketing and advertising. This new generation has a lot of spending power and their needs are different than previous generations.

Beasley Media Group is working on creative marketing solutions to reach these work from home/side hustle generation. Feel to reach out if you need some assistance and ideas.