How many times a day do you hear or say- omg I have no time, I don’t have time to do this or that. Time has become currency, to businesses and to advertising.

Businesses want you to spend time with their brand, scroll their website, come into their stores, engage with them on social media. The psychological formula is: the longer you look at, spend time with and engage with their merchandise or services the more likely you will visit them in person, remember them when you DO need the item or the service, or ideally buy right then.

You are paying them with your time before you pay them with your money. And considering how busy you are that is paying twice and companies need to respect that investment from you.

When they do it right they are educating you about their business, goods and services that they have. They are building a relationship with you and planting a seed for you to buy- either today or tomorrow.

A couple examples of businesses that I think do a nice job presenting themselves. Their website, email communication, social media and stores are consistent with content and feel. American Eagle. They are affordable, on trend clothing that offers a wide variety sizes, they put forth an all inclusive image in all their marketing communication.

A new company, that started out as online, Instagram sales only at first has grown quickly. Uncommon James came out strong with social sales, then added a brick and mortar and continues to expand its retail locations. This fashion forward brand uses beautiful images of products and people living their best life in Uncommon James. The communication from them is consistent with the brand and continues to grow while staying true to the core values of the brand.

I share with you both of these examples because both of them, in different yet similar ways continue to get my attention and my money- that I call a success! I pay them twice-both with my time and attention and THEN my money.