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There is an old expression both for Fishermen and for sales people- it goes like this ” Fish where the Fish are”. Simple, right? And what it simply means- be in the right place to have the best chance of success. Here is how you can take that simple idea and help your business grow.

Let’s talk about marketing your business. Every business has a cycle or rhythm to it. Busy times (swells/more activity) slow times (receding/restocking). When you take the time to notice the natural cycle of your business AND pay attention to what is happening around you you can “surf the wave”.

Things you should to pay attention to: Mother Nature- the weather is a HUGE wave. It can’t be stopped and people will react. It’s hot- people buy fans, air conditioners, have their air conditioners repaired, buy shorts and bathing suits, book travel away from the heat etc. All of these are marketable opportunities for your business.

There are “waves”all around your business every day. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Spring is right around the corner- promoting outdoor activities, weight loss things you need to get ready for summer-pool prep, landscaping, house chores etc.

Additional ideas:

Weather related

Local politics or elections

Seasonal events and holidays- big and small. Christmas to turn the clocks back

News stories- local and national

Fitness crazes, new fads and hobbies ( any one remember how big scrapbooking was). Right now in the early months of 2019- there is a wave for cleaning and tidying up thanks to the popularity of Marie Kondo, with her best selling book and Netflix series “Tidying Up”. Businesses like: consignment, resellers, Haul away junk companies, closet organization etc, can all “ride that wave” and #spark joy while they are at it.

Generational cycles- what is old is new again. We are experiencing that right now. Decades ago milk, eggs- everything was delivered and stores were rare. Currently retail is reinventing itself to this model, but in a new way. What else is coming back in your industry? Be the first- be the loudest- ride that wave.

Hopefully this is a nice jump start to your own brain and some ideas come to mind.

Reach out if you are looking for custom ideas for your business.