A couple weeks ago I was sitting at my desk, not really looking at anything, someone stopped to ask me ” Hey what are you doing?”. I said- I’m thinking. This response was met with a puzzled face. That made me think even more, and here is what I thought of that!

People don’t think anymore. We race from place to place, thing to thing. If we aren’t on our way to or from something- we are staring at a screen, our phone, a computer or television. There is no more time for thinking. I can hear it now, I don’t have time to think I have to….

If we never stop and think, how do you solve a problem? How do we come up with new ideas? Where does creativity come from?

Some people may argue all those answers are in computers or phones, I don’t know if I agree 100%. I am trying to find time in my week to think. Think about my clients and new ideas for them. Think about how I can improve my performance as a marketing professional. Think about ways to do things better, faster, cooler etc.

The brain is a muscle- if you use it- it will improve. Use it or lose it, I always say!

Just a little something to think about đŸ™‚