I am sure you have heard the saying “everything is negotiable”, and in many areas of life that is true- I think it is important to remember, that YOU know the value! It’s time to get away from a price conversation and talk more about the value of things.

If you buy something “cheap” how can you expect it to hold up to pressure? I am talking about everything- cheap shoes, automated /cheap service/cheap food. Will a “cheap” building, business strategy or marketing plan stand up to the pressures of the next decade?

Buy a Burberry Trench Coat it will last a life time. By WalMart flip flops, they may not even make it out of the store before breaking.

When it comes to media and marketing for business, most people want Burberry quality and service with a WalMart price tag. This becomes even more glaring in soft economic times. As we are on the eve on a brand new decade, I thought it would be good to remind MYSELF of a few things.

  1. 27 years in Radio, Media & Marketing deems me to be proficient. I may not know everything about everything but I am proficient in my field. This depth of experience is valuable.
  2. People want to do business with people they like. I have helped thousands of businesses of all sizes, throughout my career and many of those business owners- I call friends.
  3. Ideas are not free! “hey can you help me….” Sure. And I usually do because that is my nature, I like to help people. But PLEASE make no mistake- the quick, off the top of my head idea I give you to help your business came from years of blood, sweat and tears (see bullet #1).

There will always be change and challenge. But for the “roaring 20’s” I will be speaking value. Mine. My product. My clients.