Talking to people is still the best way to connect and share what you have to offer. In person- face to face is always best but the good ole phone works too.

Sales confusion. Why is SALES a bad word?

I was at a training seminar yesterday and we heard from a recent college grad. She was sharing her perception of the broadcast industry and sales. She equated sales to ” a car sales person” (that poor industry has been getting a bad rap for decades) and the people who chase you down at the mall, working at kiosks. I found this very interesting.

There are so many different types of sales positions; obviously mine- in media sales. Then you have medical, technical, industrial, many different fields, all requiring someone to tell someone about what they have and why it would benefit them or their business. When I was in college taking a political science class, I had a professor say something that I have never forgotten. EVERYTHING IS SALES. and if you REALLY think about it, it is true.

Here are a few examples you may not think of as selling: A small child wants to go to McDonald’s for dinner. They will use every means they have to get what THEY want. ” I was good in the store- can we go to Mc Donald’s”, “you don’t have to make anything-can we go to Mc Donald’s”, ” I promise I wont ask again…”, ” Kyra’s mom takes her to Mc Donald’s, I guess she loves Kyra more than you love me”. Sound familiar? Even as a child, it is instinctual to keep after what we want and to change tactics until they find the one that works.

Have you ever tried to get money back off something you bought? Using kindness, empathy or threatening to leave them and not be a customer anymore…all varieties of sales to get what YOU want.

The other thing I find curious about a recent college grad having that type of view of sales is that in today’s culture where so many people want to be “an influencer/brand ambassador” or “work from their phone”. It doesn’t matter if you are telling people about the shampoo you like (and sell) or the tea you drink to lose weight, and sharing posts to win things…. I hate to break it to you…but its all sales. Sneaky huh?

So no matter your “type” of sales: professional, retail, Multi Level Marketing and everything in between…embrace it. If you can sell something to someone you will always have opportunities. Because there is no business, no commerce, no society until someone sells something. Happy Selling!