With Black Friday right around the corner, its a good time to let everyone know that Lay-A-Way is a thing again. If you are a Boomer or Gen X you remember Lay-A-Way. Lay-A-Way was the way you could be SURE you got what you wanted and could pay for it over time. Can’t afford that outfit today, put it on Lay-A-Way and over a few weeks making small payments it becomes YOURS!

Well there is a new generation, Gen Z who is interested in Lay-A-Way. They are born between 1995-2009. They are the generation after the Millennial’s (the most talked about generation since the boomers).

Here are some facts about Gen Z:

Knowing these things and thinking about them when you craft your marketing message and campaign will help you be more successful.

  1. The are Digital Native (born using technology)
  2. The children of Gen X- it is no surprise they have a strong work ethic
  3. 75% of Gen Z feel that there is another way than the college path
  4. Independent– do it yourself-ers
  5. Role Hop vs Job Hop- they want to be at the same company but try on different hats
  6. They are “old souls” and have more traditional values
  7. They like a social and communal shopping experience
  8. They will be 40% of all consumers in 2020
  9. They want interest free lay-a-way

Photo credit to: Photo by Mark Zamora on Unsplash