You can do anything you want being either a optimist or a pessimist, however I think the optimist will have more grit for the long haul especially if you are in sales. With the end of the year and a decade coming to a close, companies are hustling to cut costs and add savings or spend down to the wire. Being in advertising sales you can benefit and lose this time of the year.

After a great year, it can be disappointing to hear from your clients- we need to trim off some of the order/weeks/appointments/deliveries you name it. They do it to show end of year savings. This can be discouraging, because that was business you had “banked on”.

A pessimist may hold on to that grudge and bring into the 2020 conversations. An optimist is like an Etch-a-sketch- every day/week/month/year we shake it off. We start fresh again and again with the passion and hope of earning the business for today and tomorrow.

Be like an Etch-A-Sketch- shake it off. New screen- new goals-new wins!