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Mass Save- Statewide Energy Program

Marketing Task : Governor Deval Patrick wanted the state of Massachusetts to be the greenest state in the country. He worked with local EPA officials and the state to put new standards in place to encourage home owners and business owners to become more energy efficient.

Strategy : After many years of research and development, the time was right to bring the message of Mass save, and energy efficiency to market. An annual plan was developed to educate homeowners on the rebates, tools and assistance was available to them. A statewide marketing plan was developed using straight forward messaging, and on line branding. This was the largest local program of its kind for Greater Media. Greater Media continues to assist Mass save and all the utility companies in their efforts to educate and assist homeowners in their energy efficiency.

Studio 102.5

Customized marketing program developed for Cardi’s Furniture

Marketing Task: Align Cardi’s Furniture with emerging new and hot Country artists, while increasing brand identity and store traffic.

Strategy: A customized marketing program was created, and a multimedia plan was executed. A special new music area was developed for Cardi’s, named the Cardi’s Studio 025. Cardi’s Studio 102.5 could be seen on, in the Country 102.5 studios and in stores. It could also be heard on the air at Country 102.5, airing live performances of new artists. This program positioned Cardi’s as the music authority and “cool” retailer in Boston and Rhode Island. Fully cobranded with Cardi’s and Country 102.5, Cardi’s presented unique once in a lifetime experiences for their customers both at the Country 102.5 studios and at Cardi’s Braintree location. This 360 degree program surrounded new and loyal Cardi’s customers with the Cardi’s message in a fresh and exciting new way.

Customized marketing program developed for Dunkin Donuts

Marketing Task: Brand Dunkin Donuts to the passionate and growing country music audience. Establish a visual identity and strong alliance to this audience.

Strategy: A creative on site activation at Country concerts was developed to brand Dunkin Donuts into the Country Music Festival. VIP tickets were given away courtesy of Dunkin Donuts through the Country 102.5 web site. Winners of these tickets sat in the Dunkin Row. This row was up front, and clearly marked by Dunkin Donuts seat back covers. Others in the arena knew that those seats were made special by Dunkin Donuts. In the hours before the concerts the Country 102.5 event team passed out pink and orange leis. Those colors were carefully matched to Dunkin Donuts colors to brand the arena with their colors. Photo’s taken from a far, you could see a sea of Dunkin Donuts colors. The Dunkin Donuts sampling team was on site to sample new flavors of Coolatta’s. This program gave Dunkin Donuts an alliance with the concert: on the radio, on-line, on site at the country concert with branding and sampling and inside the venue. Dunkin Donuts was creatively branded and woven into the entire experience.

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